About Us:

Air Rescuers was founded in the year 1999 to serve and save patients across all the cities of India and as well as in abroad. We are the only leading and growing company you will find who provides top-notch medical care and treatment to patients.

For the past many years, we have been working in this field with the vision to save the life of a patient through our air ambulance services, aircraft charter, private charter services, helicopter charter, helicopter rental services, and rail ambulance services.

We succeed to transfer more than 10,000 patients through our air ambulance services and commercial stretchers also we have shifted more than 1000 patients internationally through our worldwide air ambulance and commercial stretchers, as an international air ambulance.

Our immense knowledge and experience help us to handle all medical emergency cases. We have highly skilled and well-trained flight RNs and paramedics, ICU-CCU Certified registered flight nurses, flight respiratory therapists, and Anesthesiologists to help patients throughout the entire journey. We always treat our patients as our family members that’s why we provide comfortable and homely rides to the patients.

We provide high-standard medical facilities at a very low cost because we believe in serving not in earning. We also operate Air Ambulance in Maharashtra, Air Ambulance in Gujarat, Air Ambulance in Orissa, Air Ambulance in Madhya Pradesh, Air Ambulance in Assam, Air Ambulance in West Bengal, Air Ambulance in Jharkhand, Air Ambulance in Chhattisgarh, Air Ambulance in Rajasthan, Air Ambulance in Uttar Pradesh, Air Ambulance in Bihar, Air Ambulance in Punjab, Air Ambulance in Himachal Pradesh, Air Ambulance in Uttarakhand, Air Ambulance in Jammu Kashmir. Our jet and helicopter are fitted with all the emergency medical equipment which ensures that patients are safe during a medical evacuation or medical repatriation.

It can be customized according to the conditions of a patient. Our medical team has been well trained and organized to handle critical situations of the patient.

Facilities provided by us:

• Best scoop stretcher bed for patients.

• We provide Responsible and Reliable medical facilities.

• Brand new high-tech ICU setup with the complete medical team.

• Oxygen Cylinders and advanced accessories

• Syringe Infusion pump

• Suction Device

• Ventilator

• Integrated Capnography

• We have 10000 Domestic flights which travel across all the cities of India.

• You will get a highly skilled medical team with 3900 medical escorts

• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Receiving services from air rescuers is a straightforward and stress-free procedure. Just give us a call anytime, from any location, and our attentive team will swiftly assist you and furnish you with all the essential information

If you also want to get the best air ambulance services in India then you can call us at any time.@