Air Ambulance Service in Durgapur

Air ambulance service in durgapur

Air Ambulance Service in Durgapur - Air Rescuers

We offer the best air ambulance services in Durgapur and our highly trained medical staff are always so active to provide immediate medical facilities to the patient.

Durgapur is an urban and major industrial city in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the only city in eastern to have an operational dry dock. It is called the Ruhr of India. It is located on the bank of the Damodar River.

It comes under one of the most famous places in West Bengal after Kolkata, Siliguri, and Asansol. Durgapur’s most important buying product would be wooden items, especially the Bankura horse artifact.

Medical facilities in the city are not developed there is no advanced and latest medical equipment available for the patients that’s why patients move from one city to another for getting proper medical care and treatment.

Why need air ambulance services in Durgapur?

  • Lack of latest medical equipment in the city
  • Hard-to-reach hospital timely
  • To get better medical treatment and care
  • It Helps to reach desired hospitals
  • It is reachable in every location
  • It provides onboard emergency medical treatment
  • You will get skilled healthcare professionals

What is emergency medical service?

Emergency medical services provide immediate medical care to critically injured patients. It helps patients to get pre-hospital treatment before reaching the desired hospital.

As we know that emergency situations can occur at any time at any place that’s why we are always so attentive and active to handle emergency cases. Our main purpose is to save the life of patients from every location.

    List of patients who need emergency medical services:

    • Breathing problems
    • Cardiac patients
    • Abdominal catastrophes
    • Sudden injury due to a motor vehicle accident
    • Patients with Airway obstruction
    • Unconsciousness patients
    • Extreme Pain
    • Intracranial hemorrhage
    • Severe Bleeding
    • Intracranial hypertension and herniation
    • Swallowing a poisonous substance
    • Venom-allergic individuals
    • Flood victims
    • Chest pain or chest tightness
    • Head or spine injury

    Benefits of air ambulance services:

    • It is accessible around the clock
    • You can schedule an air ambulance at any hour
    • It can cover a much wider area in a significantly shorter amount of time
    • It contains vital emergency medical equipment such as ventilators, oxygen cylinders, cardiac monitors, and essential medications for emergencies.
    • Ensuring the safety of a patient is paramount.
    • It has the ability to easily access remote or hard-to-reach locations.
    • It provides emergency medical care and treatment before reaching the hospital.
    • You can expect to receive top-notch medical care from highly skilled and well-trained doctors.
    • Transporting patients to the hospital more quickly can potentially save many lives.

    Why choose air rescuers air ambulance services?

    Our purpose is to provide air ambulance services across all the cities of India to save the life of a patient.

    In Durgapur, we have a highly experienced and trained medical team to serve the patient from an accidental area to the desired hospital.

    • You will get up-to-date and cutting-edge emergency medical equipment
    • We ensure comfortable and dependable rides for the patient
    • Prompt and efficient response from our staff
    • Knowledgeable and skilled doctors
    • Providing care and treatment before arrival at the hospital.
    • Accessible in remote locations.
    • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Top-notch air ambulance services at a low cost

    How to contact air rescuers?

    Getting air ambulance services from air rescuers is a simple and hassle-free process. All you need to do is call us anytime, from anywhere. Our attentive staff will guide you promptly and provide you with all the necessary details.

    Feel free to reach out to us anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Train ambulance services

    If you need to transfer a patient from one city to another and want a cost-effective option, a train ambulance might be the best choice. Air Rescuers offer train ambulance services with a team of highly trained doctors and medical professionals who take full responsibility for the patient during the journey.

    Why choose air rescuers train ambulance services?

    • It can cover a greater distance in less time.
    • Easily accessible in difficult-to-reach locations.
    • Our services are available round the clock, every day of the week.
    • Medical equipment for both emergency and non-emergency situations.
    • Seat availability within 24 hours
    • Our doctors are highly skilled and well-trained.
    • Our services are designed to be safe and reliable for everyone.
    • The booking is available to everyone at any given time.
    • It also carries all the emergency medical equipment like ventilators, oxygen cylinders, Cardiac monitors, and other emergency medications.
    • Transferring patients to the hospital in a shorter time frame can save countless lives.

    Feel free to reach out to us anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    If you also want to get the best air ambulance and train ambulance services then you can contact us at any time.