Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

Air Rescuers’ medical evacuation flight services are governed by several important conditions and policies:

  • Payment and Conditions: Before any evacuation, the client must fulfill a 100% payment obligation to Air Rescuers. This payment is contingent upon aircraft availability and favorable weather conditions for safe operations.
  • Comprehensive Charging: Air Rescuers charges a comprehensive fee covering aircraft flying charges, medical escort team expenses, and logistical costs. This consolidated fee structure simplifies billing and ensures transparency.
  • Ultimate Responsibility: The decision-making authority for airlifting patients rests solely with Air Rescuers. This autonomy is crucial for making decisions in the patient’s best interest, free from external influences that could compromise safety.
  • Safety and Payload Limitations: Air Rescuers and its pilots retain the right to refuse any baggage, passengers, or additional items if they pose a safety risk. This includes situations where the total payload weight exceeds safe limits. However, they can provide extra services like therapeutic oxygen and wheelchairs if requested and available.
  • Passenger Condition and Flight Acceptance: If a passenger’s condition worsens unexpectedly during the embarkation process, Air Rescuers may refuse carriage. This policy is in place to safeguard the safety of both the patient and the aircraft. The company reserves the right to cancel flights without providing detailed reasons if safety or operational integrity is compromised.
  • Diversion and Delay Responsibility: Air Rescuers clarifies that it cannot be held responsible for flight diversions or delays caused by factors beyond its control. This includes situations such as permission issues from Air Traffic Control (ATC)/Airport Authorities, weather conditions, security concerns, etc. This clause highlights the unpredictable nature of aviation and ensures clarity regarding the company’s liabilities in such scenarios.
  • Payment Terms : Air Rescuers operates on a strict no-credit policy. Clients are required to make full payment (100%) in advance before the scheduled departure. This policy is essential for financial readiness and to avoid any delays or complications in the payment process.
  • Payment Methods and Tax Deductions: Payments must be made in the name of “AIR RESCUERS Worldwide PRIVATE LIMITED” and can be done through various channels such as cash, bank transfers, online transfers, debit cards, or credit cards. Corporate clients must deduct a Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) of 2% under section 194/C and deposit it with the TDS department, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
  • Payment Activation and Timelines: Upon crediting the payment to Air Rescuers through any mode, there is a specific activation timeline for aircraft readiness. For domestic transfers, activation takes two hours, while for international transfers, it takes twelve hours. This ensures that payment processing aligns with operational timelines for a smooth and timely departure.
  • Client Responsibility for Payments: It is explicitly stated that the client holds the sole responsibility for ensuring that payments for charter or medical evacuation flights are received from the patient. This emphasizes the importance of financial coordination and accountability within the client’s organization.
  • Aircraft Availability and Conditions: Air Rescuers emphasizes that aircraft availability is subject to several factors, including the availability of the aircraft itself, its airworthiness, and favorable weather conditions. This ensures that flights are operated safely and efficiently, with due consideration given to operational readiness.
  • Confirmation of Flights: Air Rescuers confirms medical evacuation flights only after receiving full payment. This policy ensures financial preparedness and confirms the client’s commitment to the scheduled flight, minimizing last-minute cancellations or delays.
  • Costs of Flight Diversions: In the event of flight diversions due to bad weather, technical issues, parking space unavailability, or refueling needs, the client bears the additional costs incurred. This includes costs for extra sectors flown, additional hours flown, crew accommodation, and lodging, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial responsibilities.
  • Liability and Insurance Coverage: Clients acknowledge that Air Rescuers’ liability is limited to the coverage provided by the insurance company for the specific aircraft. Any additional taxes levied on the flight date are the responsibility of the patient or their relatives, clarifying financial responsibilities and limitations.
  • Cost Estimation and Final Billing: Initial cost estimates are based on distance and standard cruising speeds in ideal conditions. However, the final invoice is based on actual block flight time, including engine start to engine switch-off, waiting periods on the ground, and other operational factors. This ensures accurate billing reflecting the actual resources used during the flight.
  • Force Majeure and Non-operation: Air Rescuers clarifies that it is not liable for charter non-operation due to unforeseen events such as bad weather, visibility issues, clearance unavailability from authorities, or technical problems. If a flight cannot take off from the originating station due to these reasons, the full amount will be refunded, excluding airport charges paid in advance.
  • Weather Contingencies: Although destination weather is always checked before departure, sudden weather changes en-route or at the destination may necessitate flight diversion or return. In such cases, actual flying time is chargeable, with refunds or additional payments based on the balance, ensuring fair billing practices despite unexpected weather challenges.
  • Technical Snags: Air Rescuers is not liable for technical issues that cannot be rectified within a reasonable time frame and affect flight operations. This clause acknowledges the inherent risks in aviation and clarifies the operator’s responsibilities in such situations. 
  • Baggage Restrictions: Passengers are allowed medium-sized baggage with dimensions of HEIGHT: 26 INCHES / 67 CM and WIDTH: 18 INCHES / 45 CM on board. These restrictions ensure safety, comfort, and adherence to aircraft capacity limits.
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction: The contract is governed exclusively by Indian Law, with Mumbai serving as the sole place of jurisdiction. This legal framework ensures clarity, consistency, and adherence to regulatory standards within the Indian legal system.

These terms and conditions provide further clarity on payment policies, cancellation protocols, baggage regulations, and legal jurisdiction, ensuring a well-defined and mutually understood framework for Air Rescuers’ medical evacuation services.

Cancellation Policy

  • Non-Refundable Deposit: Upon confirmation of the charter, 25% of the total charter cost becomes non-refundable. This deposit secures the booking and covers initial administrative and operational expenses.
  • Partial Refund Window: If a cancellation occurs at least 12 hours before the scheduled flight, 50% of the total charter cost becomes non-refundable. This policy balances the need for flexibility with the operational costs incurred in preparing for the flight.
  • Last Minute Cancellations/No Show: In cases of last-minute cancellations due to deteriorating conditions, unfitness to fly, or unfortunate events like a patient’s passing, 100% of the total charter cost will be deducted, with no refund provided. This policy reflects the immediate operational impact and costs associated with such cancellations.
  • Post-Departure Cancellations: Once the aircraft has departed from the base station (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad), no refunds will be given for cancellations. This policy aligns with the logistical complexities and costs incurred after the flight has commenced its journey.