Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

AIR RESCUERS WORLD WIDE PVT LTD. offers medical evacuation flights via charter aircraft or commercial air ambulance, subject to certain conditions. Firstly, the evacuation requires full payment, the availability of the aircraft, and favorable weather conditions. The charges encompass aircraft flying fees, medical escort team expenses, and other logistical costs. Importantly, the decision to airlift a patient rests solely with ARWPL, prioritizing patient care and safety.

The company reserves the right to refuse baggage, passengers, or attendants if it compromises flight safety or exceeds payload limits. Additionally, ARWPL may decline carriage if a passenger’s condition worsens beyond initial information or poses operational risks. The responsibility for any diversions or delays due to factors beyond the company’s control, like weather, ATC permissions, or technical issues, lies with the client, who bears the associated costs.

Payment must be made in advance, with various modes accepted, including cash, bank transfers, and cards, with corporate clients subject to TDS deductions. Once payment is received, aircraft activation occurs within a specified timeframe. Clients are responsible for ensuring patient payments for charter or medical evacuation flights.

Aircraft availability depends on factors like airworthiness, weather, and operational conditions, confirmed only after full payment. Any flight diversions incur additional costs borne by the client, including crew accommodation and lodging expenses. Liability is limited to insurance coverage, with other taxes payable by the patient or their relatives.

Cost estimates are based on distance and aircraft speed, with the final invoice reflecting actual flight times and ground waiting periods. The company is not liable for non-operation due to unforeseen events like bad weather, technical problems, or clearances.

Cancellation policies range from non-refundable portions to full refunds, depending on the timing and circumstances of cancellation. Baggage restrictions apply, with specific dimensions allowed on board. The contract is governed by Indian law, with Mumbai as the sole place of jurisdiction.